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Pantera CRM

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What percentage of companies use CRM?
75% companies with ten or more employees use the CRM system.
What percentage does operational efficiency increase ?
70% companies claim that their sales revenues have increased through the use of CRM software.

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How does Pantera CRM work?

Pantera CRM system is a tool and information management system

Automate the processes taking place in your company to the maximum. Get effective tools for handling and monitoring them. Have full access to your company's detailed information. Analyze the effectiveness of the business and predict changes.

Pantera CRM data-driven business management
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Effective customer data management
Repetitive data management is important to avoid mistakes when communicating with customers, so customer aggregation can be useful for team members to effectively manage customer data
Effortless account management
With just a few clicks of the buttons, you will issue credit or pro forma invoices and see their status. You'll also see paid, unpaid, and overdue bills in the expenses module to help you plan your expenses.
Manage orders flexibly
With our order module, you will easily create an order, draw up a payment plan, see the customer's information and the stages of the work performed, and quickly generate a contract or invoice using the Pantera CRM system.
Customer information in one place
The opportunity module contains everything about customers: events, documents, communication history. This helps to prioritize customers and identify real opportunities for making deals.
Schedule work time and tasks
The system allows each employee to conveniently plan working time, reminds of planned meetings and calls. Allows you to create and assign tasks, track their progress and better plan other work. The manager can delegate work to the responsible employee directly in the system
Periodic services
Predict the income and expenses of the coming period. In the periodic services module you will see concluded periodic contracts and invoices, which will allow you to more easily plan the finances for the coming period
Warehouse management
It is convenient to see the detailed remnants of materials, raw materials. The employee can reserve the materials necessary for the product or service. You will be able to monitor the write-off of materials. Neatly enter new products into the warehouse system. You will do the inventory much easier.
Accounting of working time and work schedules
The ability to conduct real-time accounting of the working time of employees. Plan employees' work schedules, vacations or replacements
Company database
Tracking all the processes of the company from one place opens up limitless opportunities for business. To conduct an analysis of the pros and cons of a business. To see which business sector is doing best and where change is needed.

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