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For law firms

For lawyers, effective paperwork is important, which saves time.
Using the Pantera CRM system, you can easily manage and sign electronic documents with an integrated document management module. You will securely archive already arranged files. You will be able to share, distribute and archive documents.
An effective business management solution will systematize and automate the daily processes of the company's activities.


  • Order management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Document management
  • Work calendar
  • Office management

Frequently asked questions

Find out all the answers to the questions related to the CRM system for law firms
How does case management work in the system?
In the system, you can create cases for clients based on the desired legal type. Once a case is created, you can:

・Assign responsible attorneys;
・Track the progress of the case and opponents;
・Record time entries manually or using a timer;
・Link the case to existing contracts.
Can I register received and sent letters in the system?
Yes, the system allows you to register and upload received and sent letters, transcripts, and contracts.
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