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Cleaning services

Effective organization of work is important in the conduct of the business of cleaning services. To ensure the good quality of work, periodic inspections are required. Convenient selection of employees and distribution of working tasks. For the ordering, storage and distribution of cleaning products. Management of contracts with customers and customers. For personnel administration.


  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales management
  • Order management
  • Warehouse management
  • Document management
  • Work calendar
  • Office management

Frequently asked questions

Find out all the answers to the questions related to the CRM system cleaning services
Can a chemical budget be created for clients in the system?
Yes, you can enter a chemical budget for clients (or objects) in the system and monitor whether the budget has been exceeded or underutilized.
Can I apply different rates for clients?
Yes, the system allows you to assign different rates if cleaning takes place at night or during holidays.

You can also categorize clients (or projects) into different classes.
Does the system support quality assessment functionality?
Yes, the system allows you to create quality assessment templates and fill them out for clients.
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