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Is the installation of the Pantera CRM system necessary?
No, no special installation is required to use the system. Pantera CRM works on a web basis. You and your employees will connect to it through a web browser.
What web browsers do they work in?
Works with all the most popular web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and others.
Can I import my company's customer data?
Yes it is possible. Need to download an XLS file with a specially prepared structure. In an ExceL file, you organize the data and import it. Data can be both imported and exported.
Will the disappearance of the Internet not lead to the loss of my company's data ?
All saved data will continue to remain in the system. You can only lose the form you fill out at the time of the internet's disappearance.
How does the use of the system ensure the security of personal data in the company ?
The structure of the system allows you to see only relevant information for the employee with which he has the right to work.
How many users can connect to the Pantera CRM system at a time?
Since pantera CRM system works on the basis of web technologies, even a very large number of employees can connect to it at once.
Is Pantera CRM system protected from cyber hacking ?
The latest and most advanced technologies are used to protect your company's data.
Can Pantera CRM be used on my phone?
So. The system also works perfectly when using the phone.
Is pantera CRM interface convenient when using the phone ?
System interface optimized for mobile devices
Is there a Pantera CRM mobile app?
For the creation of a personalized app, if necessary, please contact us by e-mail
In what way will I report an error or malfunction noticed in the system ?
You will install our error logging tool Pantera Capture, sign up for the customer zone and have a functional error logging tool for the entire period of use of the system.
How long will it take to fix the malfunctions of the system ?
In the event of a malfunction of the system immediately after the registration of the malfunction, work on the elimination of malfunctions begins.
I am a business consultant. How could your business management system help me?
It is especially convenient to advise on business management issues to companies that use a business management system. All processes occurring in the enterprise are clearly visible. The relationship between the consequences and causes is easy to determine and find the direction of correction of the company's activities.
I am a business appraiser , is Pantera CRM suitable for me?
Using CRM will be convenient to manage orders and contacts. Communicate with customers and accumulate documents. Also, when evaluating companies that already use the Business Management System or customer relations management system in their activities, it will be very convenient to see the viability of the company. You will clearly see the receipts and expenses recorded in the system. The quantities of orders and other details of the company's activities.
Can you train employees of the company to use the system ?
For an additional fee under a separate agreement.
Are there live or distance learning?
If necessary, we will organize for an additional fee.
How is Pantera CRM technical service performed?
During warranty maintenance, all operating errors are eliminated, which makes it impossible to perform the functions of the solution in whole or in part or the results given by the function are erroneous.

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